Legal writer Ian Millhiser points out a critical concern as we watch President Trump face 91 felony charges – don’t expect the federal judiciary to ensure justice. Our dual legal systems, state and federal, create complexity, leaving us to wonder if our political setup was wise.

While Trump could be convicted, there are challenges ahead. We’d need a bureaucratic shift to free the Secret Service from protecting a convicted felon. Americans must also mentally prepare for the possibility of Trump going to prison.

The Republican Party’s regression may lead to Trump’s nomination in 2024, but a conviction could throw plans into disarray. Choosing an alternative nominee presents its challenges.

The federal Supreme Court’s credibility is eroding, yet many still need to be aware of our broken government. Legal precedent is diminishing, and the Court’s decisions often defy logic.

The authoritarian agenda prefers to keep these issues hidden. Rescuing a convicted Trump could expose the Court’s authoritarian tendencies.

President Biden hasn’t prioritized Supreme Court reform, but addressing the broken judicial branch becomes crucial as his second term approaches. American history need not be marked by failure; there’s hope for change.

Issues like fertility rights, gun violence, climate change, and discrimination can be addressed and improved. It’s up to our leaders to make a difference and steer America toward a better future.