On October 7th, Israel experienced a devastating attack by Hamas, leading to the death of over 700 Israelis. In a recent update, President Joe Biden confirmed the tragic loss of at least 14 Americans in this assault.

The current status of several Americans remains a pressing concern. Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser, mentioned that the exact number of hostages and their condition are still uncertain. He indicated that more than 20 Americans are presently unaccounted for, though this doesn’t necessarily imply they were taken hostage.

John Kirby, the White House spokesperson for national security, has acknowledged the grim situation. He suggested the possibility that some of these missing Americans could be held hostage by Hamas. Given the ongoing conflict in the region, he emphasized the challenges faced in the hostage recovery process. The U.S. government and Israel are engaging in discussions to ensure the safe return of any American hostages.

In a briefing, Matthew Miller from the State Department shared that the U.S. has offered Israel the expertise of its hostage negotiation specialists to help in this crisis.

Reiterating the U.S. stance, President Biden, during a press conference on October 10th, expressed strong support for Israel. He labeled the October 7th attacks as acts of pure malevolence. He also informed that U.S. experts have been tasked to collaborate with their Israeli counterparts to aid in the recovery efforts for the hostages.

The aftermath of the attacks on October 7th extends beyond Israel. As of October 10th, the combined death toll in Israel and Palestine has tragically surpassed 1,600, with several thousand more injured.