Federal rules say that the trials involving former President Donald Trump won’t be on TV. This decision might affect how people see his defense and get information about the trials.

The Judicial Conference, which makes rules for federal courts, decided that the trials won’t be televised. They heard requests from more than 30 House Democrats to allow TV coverage.

They explained that the rules allow judges in civil and bankruptcy cases to let the public listen to non-trial events, but this doesn’t apply to criminal trials.

The chairman of the organization’s Executive Committee, Judge Lavenski Smith, said there were no specific requests for Trump’s trial. He mentioned that federal rules don’t allow cameras in criminal trials unless the rules change.

Some Republicans, like Senator Chuck Grassley, want more access to court proceedings. Grassley introduced the Sunshine in the Courtroom Act of 2023, letting judges decide if cameras can be used. But this bill has yet to become law.

In Georgia, a judge said that the trial against Trump related to the 2020 election would be livestreamed on YouTube. This decision was made to be transparent.

In a separate trial in New York, where Trump is accused of a brief relationship with Stormy Daniels, his legal team asked for a break in the case until after the 2024 election. This might delay the trial.