An illegal immigrant from Honduras, Carlos Corrales-Ramirez, faces charges of second-degree murder and first-degree assault in the killing of 28-year-old Jario Hernandez-Sanchez in Troy, New York.

This heartbreaking incident highlights the border security issue and questions the current administration’s policies. Corrales-Ramirez had a concerning history, having been arrested by the United States Border Patrol in March for a stabbing incident in Maryland.

Despite efforts to extradite him to Maryland, an active warrant remained. Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin voiced concerns that open borders and sanctuary city policies endanger citizens’ safety.

New York has seen a rise in illegal immigration, leading to arrests of border crossers and illegal aliens involved in crimes, including sexual assault and violence. Recent cases, including rape allegations, emphasize the need for immigration reform and more robust border security.

Many agree that a secure border is crucial to protect American citizens from those who enter illegally and engage in criminal activities.