Mark Gonzalez, the District Attorney of Nueces County, Texas, made a bold announcement in a YouTube video on Tuesday morning. He declared his candidacy for the United States Senate. However, shortly afterward, he resigned from his position as district attorney due to pressure from state Republicans.

In his video, Gonzalez expressed his motivation for running against U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in 2024. He emphasized the need for a strong leader who fights for justice, especially when times are tough. He mentioned that his determination to stand up for the “little guy” inspired him to challenge Ted Cruz.

Gonzalez’s background as a former criminal defense attorney with tattoos, including one that says “Not Guilty,” was highlighted in the video. He openly discussed a drunk-driving arrest he had when he was 19, a topic many candidates might avoid. He revealed that he had taken responsibility for his actions, pleaded guilty, and later noticed that similar charges were dismissed for a wealthier defendant who could afford a lawyer.

This realization made him understand that the wealthy and well-connected often face a different criminal justice system. He expressed his desire to bring change to the design and represent all Texans who seek change.

Despite his initial disinterest in politics, Gonzalez was motivated by recent events and decided to run for the Senate to advocate for change beyond Nueces County.