Gas prices are rising again, and Republicans are trying to point fingers. They’re focusing on 21 Democratic-held districts, aiming to strengthen their House control next year.

US gas prices dropped after hitting a record high in July 2022. However, they’ve surged recently, reaching the highest since last October. In mid-August, the average price was $3.87, up 31 cents from July. This worries Americans dealing with inflation’s impact.

Prices fell last year because oil companies predicted lower sales, reducing crude oil prices. President Biden released oil reserves, pushing prices down. But now, resources are depleted, and global factors like Saudi production cuts are increasing costs.

Republicans are blaming Democrats for the price hike. They’re targeting 21 districts and plan to use billboards near gas stations to link rising prices with Democratic policies.

Currently, Republicans have a small House majority. If they can tie Democrats to higher gas prices in people’s minds, their majority might grow.