Near Los Angeles City Hall, a battle erupted between a parental rights group, Leave Our Kids Alone (LOKA), and LGBTQ organizations over school policies.

LOKA demands transparency between schools and parents about children’s gender identity and orientation. They protested with American flags and signs supporting parental rights.

Opponents from Ground Game LA and Queer Nation Los Angeles backed current policies that let staff decide when to inform parents about these matters.

Police separated the groups after heated confrontations, resulting in three arrests.

LOKA emerged in June, opposing what they see as secretive district practices. Over 200 people joined their protest, clashing with LGBTQ groups who called for counter-protests.

The LGBTQ coalition fears LOKA’s proposals could harm LGBTQ+ students in unsupportive families.

Despite unrest, the Los Angeles Unified School District reaffirmed its commitment to respecting all students.

LOKA wants transparency and parental input in school ideologies.

This incident is part of LOKA’s protests against policies they believe reveal LGBTQ+ kids and remove LGBTQ materials from classrooms.

The debate on parental rights and LGBTQ+ protections in schools continues.