Former Vice President Mike Pence said Monday he will not allow Democrats to use Jan. 6 as a distraction from their ‘failed agenda.’ The vice president spoke highly of former President Donald Trump’s record but also said that he would not allow Democrats to use Jan. 6 as a distraction from their ‘failed agenda.

But the vice president did not stop there. He called upon the crowd to support Republican candidate for Governor of Illinois and encouraged them to vote in November. He also encouraged them to vote for Illinois Republican governor Bruce Rauner. This was a historic chance to reverse the nearly twenty-year-old rule of Illinois Democrats. “I am not racist,” he said, pointing to the fact that Illinois Republicans last held the governorship for two years back in 1994.

During the hearing, the rioters had the opportunity to see Democratic House members, dozens of which were sitting in Speaker’s Lobby. Many had already arrived from the White House. They had seen the laptop, and they could have easily slammed their fists and helmets against it. That was the last straw for the rioters.

Vice President has defended his decision not to allow Democrats to distract themselves from their “failed agenda” by overturning election results. But he’s not backing down, even though many Democrats are attempting to do the same thing. Pence made it clear that he won’t allow them to unilaterally make this decision.

He also said that Democrats could use Jan. 6 to distract from their “failed agenda”, and they would be forced to concentrate on other, more pressing issues. After all, Pence’s assertion that anyone, including his wife, could be president is incredibly nutty – even by 2021 standards.

America is in a very dangerous moment. Our constitution is under serious threat, but the Democrats aren’t acting like it. They’re making a grave mistake by not paying attention to this critical threat. It’s time to act. And the Democrats have to pay attention or risk losing a major election. Everyone must be aware of the dangers to our constitutional order. We’re headed towards disaster if we don’t.

Whether the Democrats are using the insurgency to distract from their ‘failed agenda’ is a complicated question. It’s unlikely that any of this will matter, regardless of what the media or the public believe. It is concerning that they try to distract us away from our “failed agenda”