Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s recent health issues have stirred political discussions.

Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama doubts McConnell’s ability to lead after his recent freezing episodes.

McConnell plans to discuss his health with Senate colleagues, but it’s causing divisions within the caucus.

Some support McConnell, like Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, while others, including Tuberville and Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, have concerns.

Tuberville, a former football coach, compared McConnell’s situation to concussions and questioned his fitness for leadership.

Even Senator Rand Paul suggested McConnell should be more transparent about his health challenges.

McConnell’s office received a note from Capitol physician Dr. Brian Monahan stating that he had no seizure disorder or other neurological issues.

Despite the concerns, some senators, like Mitt Romney, support McConnell as their leader.

McConnell’s leadership is facing challenges amid these health concerns, though the party’s establishment wing remains cautious about a leadership battle.

In summary, McConnell’s health has become a topic of debate, creating divisions within the Republican caucus.