President Joe Biden warned us months ago. In a big speech, he said some people who voted “no” on a big money law for roads and bridges would later act like they helped make it happen. And guess what? It’s happening! House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is one of them.

Kevin McCarthy is from California, but he visited a factory in Syracuse. He was there to help a friend, Rep. Brandon Williams, get money for his campaign. But here’s the twist: that factory got help from the very law McCarthy voted against! A reporter named Glenn Coin pointed this out well. He even talked about how the factory got help from a special “Buy American” rule in the law.

When asked why he was there, McCarthy didn’t give a strong answer. He said he likes when companies make money, not when the government decides who wins or loses. But he still said “no” to the law that helped the factory where he stood!

He’s not the only one acting this way. Senator Tommy Tuberville discussed how great new internet technology will be for Alabama. But he never said that he voted against the money to make it happen! President Biden called him out, not just online but also in a speech.

Other Senators like Cindy Hyde-Smith, Tom Cotton, and John Boozman did the same thing. They talked about how good the money is for their states but forgot to mention they voted against it! Senator John Cornyn even visited a Tesla factory in Texas. He had complained about a different law that helps wealthy people buy electric cars, but Tesla is making more cars thanks to that very law.

These politicians are being tricky. They voted “no” but want to take credit when the money helps out. President Biden warned us this would happen, and he’s making sure we all know about it.