While Sen. Joe Manchin might be with the Democrat Party, he was seen sat with Republican colleagues on Tuesday during President Biden’s first State of the Union address.

Despite the fact that Mitt Romney of Utah was one of those Republican senators, Manchin’s decision to sit with GOP members rather than Democrats was well-received. He was also subject to Democrat criticisms on social media.

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Biden’s signature Build back Better legislation has been criticized by the West Virginia lawmaker. He has repeatedly defended his decision to not jump on every Democrat agenda item.

“If I cannot explain it to West Virginians at home, I won’t vote for it.” This piece of legislation is not something I can vote for. It’s impossible. He said that despite trying everything, he couldn’t achieve it.

Manchin was seen sat between Roger Wicker (R.Miss.), and Romney during Biden’s Tuesday speech.

Romney stated that the bipartisanship was a sign of solidarity between the parties and that he plans to continue working together over the next couple of years.

Manchin stated that he sat with Reoubicans to demonstrate “unity” after the speech.

While his GOP colleagues didn’t applaud the president, Manchin was seen expressing his approval several times, even standing up at points to clap. He remained in his chair when Biden spoke about the expanded child tax credit.

Manchin, a Democrat holdout, was not impressed by the president’s attempt to revive his Build Back Better agenda in his speech.

When asked by reporters about Biden’s comments following the address, he stated that “they just can’t keep themselves.” “I don’t know where this came from.”

He said, “Nothing has changed.” “They might have parts they wish to discuss. I’m not sure. It was a bit too far.