Families and individuals in Hawaii are constantly concerned about inflation. So how can you manage it best? Experts offer some suggestions. To help you manage it, here are five tips to help you keep inflation in check:

Adjust your spending habits. Taking into account the fact that gas prices are closely tied to the price of other goods, you can reduce your gas consumption. For example, consider combining your errands.

Then, if possible, consider walking or bicycling to work or school. You can reduce your expenses by making adjustments earlier than in mainland U.S. markets because Hawaii’s inflation is higher.

Invest smartly, As inflation is higher than normal, consumers tend to cut back on their investments and discretionary expenses. They also avoid the stock market because of high costs. The stock market is more popular with the wealthy, while the middle and low-income families are less likely to invest. High inflation can make it easier for companies to pass the costs on to the consumer. Experts recommend that investors stick to their guns and have a diverse portfolio.