On Tuesday, June 16, a CBS production crew was filming a comedy segment and was taken into custody at the Capitol Building. The production team was allegedly spotted shooting in an unsecured hallway without Congressional ID. According to reports, the employees were filming interviews with Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog voiced by Robert Smigel. According to CBS, the interviews had been prearranged through aides to members of Congress.

CBS stated in a statement that seven members its production team were taken into custody following disturbances at Longworth House Office Building. This building houses members of Congress. Police did not identify the seven individuals arrested or provide details about the incident, but they said that the group was “undescorted” and filming on the sixth floor hallway when the building was closed. The group was released shortly afterward.

The incident was captured by a committee that organized them. The footage shows protestors throwing objects at the Capitol guard. The protestors were denied entry and escorted out of the building. A representative of ‘Late Show’ producers, Robert Smigel, said the incident was “unlawful.”

Capitol police have arrested seven members of a production crew for illegal entry. The crew was apparently filming the segment that featured Triumph, a foul-mouthed comedian dog. The group did not immediately release their names, which was requested by the Capitol Police. Although the incident was brief, it will likely draw more attention than it has. The incident has been a long-running joke, so it may be a good time to discuss a rematch.

CBS staffers had earlier that day filmed stand up comedy outside of the Capitol building. The group was then asked to leave by Capitol police. Later, the CBS team returned to film standups in the corridors and outside of Congress offices of Republican members. Despite the arrests, CBS officials have declined to say how many people were arrested, where the filming took place, or what specific locations were filmed.

Police have not released the names of the suspects. They are also refusing to confirm whether the team was associated with ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’ CBS however stated that the team was part a Capitol Hill production team. It is believed that the team conducted interviews with members of Congress and remained at the Capitol to film stand-ups and other comedy elements.