The Jan. 6 hearings will not be carried live on Fox News. However, the network is moving its anchors to the Fox Business Network, which has under one million viewers, to cover the hearings. In the meantime, viewers will be able to watch the hearings on the Fox News website or Fox Nation. Moreover, Fox News will air their coverage on the network after primetime.

Fox News does not plan to carry the hearings live, despite recent reports that they will do so. The network will air a two-hour special on Fox Business, a lower-rated cable network.

The feed will be available on the Fox website and the Fox Nation app. For those who don’t have access to Fox Business, the network is providing feeds to the Fox broadcast affiliates.

Some members of the committee have criticized the decision not to carry the hearings live. The re-frames by conservative media hosts have been disastrous for the Republicans. They have been misconstrued as liberal operatives’ efforts to derail the Trump administration.

The committee’s vice chair, Mike Cheney, reportedly sent text messages to White House Guy Mark Meadows during the Jan. 6 protests. On CNN, Hannity urged Meadows to make a statement and ask people to leave the Capitol. Meanwhile, Laura Ingraham attacked the vice chair and the committee for her comments.