Mike Pence, the former Vice President, seems to be facing financial hurdles in his 2024 presidential campaign. Recent reports highlight a potential collapse of his campaign due to difficulties in securing donations.

Pence’s Standing in the GOP

Over recent months, polls have consistently shown that Pence’s appeal among likely 2024 GOP primary voters remains limited, often stuck in the single-digit percentages.

Campaign Financial Insights

Details from NBC News and The Hill show Pence’s 2024 campaign raised $3.3 million in the third quarter, leaving them with a debt of $620,000. Notably, the campaign’s cash balance stands at $1.2 million. Pence even injected $150,000 of his personal funds to support his campaign, as an anonymous campaign official shared.

Comparing Pence to Other Contenders

There’s a glaring disparity between Pence and other presidential hopefuls when examining fundraising metrics. Former President Donald Trump, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley have significantly outpaced Pence in this area.

This fundraising gap underlines the difficulties Pence faces in carving out a significant presence among a pool of competitive candidates.

Pence’s Campaign Focus

Since announcing his presidential bid in June, Pence has laid substantial emphasis on policy matters and traditional conservative values. He’s actively positioned his views distinctively from Trump and other contenders. Pence’s notable stances include supporting federal measures to restrict abortion and consistently backing Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

Pence remains optimistic about the forthcoming Iowa caucuses in January. He hopes that Iowa’s evangelical voters will connect more deeply with his campaign’s message.

Polling Perspective

A recent September YouGov/CBS News poll paints a clear picture: Pence secured 6% support, falling behind Haley’s 8%, DeSantis’s 21%, and Trump, who dominates with 51%.

The fundraising numbers further accentuate Pence’s challenging position as he squares off against potent candidates like Trump and DeSantis in the polls.

A Glimpse into Competitors’ War Chests

For context, Trump’s campaign boasts a formidable $45 million for the third quarter of 2023. DeSantis and Haley trail with approximately $15 million and $11 million, respectively. This financial advantage offers them a significant edge, allowing for extensive staffing and promotional activities as the Iowa caucuses approach.