In a recent interview, Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis discussed his plans to secure America’s southern border. He’s determined to stop cartel activities and protect the border.

DeSantis spoke with CBS News and repeated what he had said in a previous debate – he’ll use the military to defend against cartels trying to break through the border wall.

He said, “We’ll defend our country.” He mentioned seeing cartels slicing through the border wall in Arizona, and it troubled him.

DeSantis wants to make it clear that if cartel members are caught trying to damage the wall, the military can use deadly force to stop them. He also said that there would be clear rules about when to use power.

He explained, “If someone with a backpack is breaking through the wall, that’s a hostile act, and we can take action.”

DeSantis hopes these measures will make cartels think twice about crossing the border.

When asked about military actions in Mexico to fight cartels, he acknowledged that it’s a complex issue and would need flexible planning.

He believes that cartels are a significant threat, like an invasion that needs a strong response.

DeSantis is clear about his stance, saying, “I’ll have the military at the border, 100%. If they’re trying to break through the wall, we will have deadly force authorized to stop that.”

This statement reinforces his immigration plan, which includes tighter border control, more deportations, finishing the border wall, and bringing back the “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers.

He said, “We need to follow the law in this country. Right now, people are abusing the asylum system. They won’t make the journey if they know they don’t qualify.”