In a new twist, House Republicans have summoned FBI and IRS officials to uncover how the Justice Department, led by his father, Joe Biden, granted Hunter Biden a plea deal that ultimately fell apart.

Last June, Hunter Biden was offered a deal where he would plead guilty to two minor tax charges and avoid a serious gun charge. This decision came after a five-year federal investigation into his alleged involvement in more serious crimes.

However, this deal faced skepticism from a Delaware US judge and crumbled during a recent court hearing. Hunter Biden has now pleaded not guilty to all charges.

House Republicans, who have been investigating the business activities of the Biden family, are now also examining the “political maneuvering” behind the failed plea deal, as reported by The Washington Times.

On Monday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith revealed that the DOJ and IRS had declined their requests for voluntary congressional testimony from four key officials.

As a result, the committee leaders have issued subpoenas to these officials: IRS director of field operations Michael Batdorf, IRS special agent in charge Darrell Waldon, and FBI special agents in charge Thomas Sobocinski and Ryeshia Holley.

“Regrettably, the Biden administration has consistently obstructed Congress,” stated Reps. Jordan and Smith in a joint announcement.

“Our responsibility is to follow the facts wherever they may lead, and our subpoenas compelling testimony from Biden administration officials are vital to understanding why the president’s son received preferential treatment from federal prosecutors and who ultimately made the decisions in this case,” they explained.

The GOP committee leaders believe the four officials being subpoenaed could illuminate whether the Biden Justice Department restricted Delaware US Attorney David Weiss’s inquiry into Hunter Biden.

These FBI and IRS agents are expected to know about an October 7, 2022, investigation meeting in which Weiss allegedly claimed that the DOJ had hindered him from pursuing more serious charges against Hunter Biden.

Republicans allege that Hunter Biden profited substantially from foreign companies through questionable means, primarily due to his connection to his father, Joe Biden.