House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer says an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden is looming. He leads the House Republicans’ investigation into the Biden family’s financial matters and questionable foreign business dealings involving Hunter Biden.

During an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Comer expressed confidence that House Republicans would launch an impeachment probe against Biden. This declaration followed a discussion about the National Archives agency’s reluctance to release around 5,400 emails from Joe Biden’s time as vice president, where he used pseudonyms.

Hannity questioned the hurdles Republicans face in obtaining these emails, suggesting that the National Archives might be trying to protect Joe Biden by delaying the investigation. In response, Comer hinted at the possibility of an impeachment inquiry.

He emphasized that his committee has the authority to oversee the federal archives agency, and the request for Biden’s alias emails is entirely lawful. The committee had faced resistance in their investigation of Biden’s handling of classified documents, and now they hope to avoid similar stonewalling in obtaining the pseudonym emails.

Comer’s statement indicates that House Republicans are considering impeachment as a potential tool to compel the release of these critical emails. Ultimately, the decision to proceed with an impeachment inquiry rests with Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

This development reflects the ongoing tensions and investigations surrounding the Biden family’s affairs, raising the prospect of a significant political battle in the coming months.