A guy who flies drones in Maui named Davin Phelps had to land his drone because of the government. He was trying to fly it over where a terrible fire started in Lahaina, Maui.

That fire was really bad. It took over 100 lives and about 1,000 people are still missing, including lots of kids.

Davin lives in Lahaina and takes amazing pictures from the sky. A TV host named Will Cain, who also has a house in Maui, talked about Davin’s work when he reported about the fire.

Davin uses an app to get permission from the FAA, the folks who make rules about flying, to use his drone. This app can also tell him he can’t fly his drone, which doesn’t happen often. But this time, when he tried to fly over where the fire started, the app told him “no” and made him land his drone.

What’s weirder is that two people from the government showed up right after. Davin didn’t know who they were, but they checked his flying license and told him to leave the area.

People are now asking why Davin wasn’t allowed to fly his drone there. Is the government hiding something about the fire?

This has gotten the people who live there very worried, especially since they’re still dealing with what the fire did.

Davin isn’t just some guy with a drone. He’s a pro at making films and taking photos. He’s been doing it for over 10 years and even has a team of skilled people who help him.

They do all sorts of work, like ads, selling houses, and taking family pictures. Even though Davin got into a bit of trouble for flying his drone, he’s still taking pictures of what life is like in Maui.

As we try to find out more about the fire, having someone like Davin around could be really important. His story makes us think a lot about whether the government is being open and honest.