The Mayor of Roselle Park, New Jersey, Joseph Signorello, tried to ambush investigative journalist James O’Keefe. This happened because O’Keefe exposed school board officials for mistreating citizens if they seemed to support former President Trump, calling them “Trumpish.”

O’Keefe, famous for his uncompromising journalism, recently uncovered that school board officials called the police on citizens because they seemed to have particular political views. This made people question if these officials were being fair.

Signorello, who is also running for the US Senate, asked O’Keefe for a hidden camera to ambush him. O’Keefe revealed this on Sunday: “New Jersey Mayor and US Senate Candidate Michael Signorello asks me for an OMG hidden camera to ambush me.”

Things got worse when Signorello said O’Keefe had no right to attend the school board meeting because he didn’t have children in the district. Surprisingly, Signorello doesn’t have kids in the district, making him look hypocritical.

Earlier, O’Keefe’s media group released 20 minutes of police bodycam videos. These videos showed school board officials calling the police on people they didn’t recognize and thought looked “Trumpish.”

O’Keefe said, “The police worked with school officials to check the license plates of people at the meeting who looked different.” These videos, obtained through requests, give a scary look at what officials and police think of people they call “Trumpish” when they don’t think cameras are watching.

On August 8, school board officials in Livingston called the police on people just because they didn’t recognize them. Toni McLaughlin, an official, said, “They’re different looking. Um, they look Trumpish. They look a little scary.”

Mistreating people based on their appearance or politics is a big concern.