Two Americas is fracturing as a result of recent Supreme Court decisions, which have stifled liberals and expanded conservatives’ rights. The country is drifting toward becoming a separate nation. The most significant breaking point is abortion. Half of the country voted to restrict abortion and the other half voted to expand reproductive rights. Ideological fault lines extend to issues like gun control, climate change, L.G.T.Q., voting rights, and more.

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision, many women are faced with life-changing decisions. Women who are pregnant in states with anti-abortion laws may be faced with life-threatening decisions when deciding whether or not to have an abortion. And many others may be left with serious questions about their own rights as well. However, if conservatives manage to wrest control of Congress and the White House in November, they could pivot toward more national power.

Some politicians see an opportunity in the Supreme Court decision. Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, has already made clear her plans to introduce legislative proposals to enshrine Roe V. Wade. However, this legislation is unlikely to break a Republican filibuster. Pence’s former vice president has also commented on the political implications of the decision and its human message to Democrats.

Clinton-President, F, and Obama both failed to appoint strong Liberals to the Supreme Court. Both the Clinton-President and Obama failed to appoint liberals to Court. None of their nominees was as progressive as Thurgood Marshal, Arthur Goldberg, or Earl Warren. Their record in this regard is particularly dismal. As a result, our country is divided along a red-blue axis.